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The Cleaner Home is a dedicated resource to help you achieve a cleaner and fresher lifestyle: at home, at work, with family and beyond. We’re devoted to providing you with the very best tips, tricks, guides and home and life hacks that help you Live More and Worry Less. The Cleaner Home is powered by Microban, the global leader in antimicrobial protection, odor control and surface modification technologies.

Protection That Lives On.

Our proactive systems keep products cleaner and control odors by preventing problems and damaging microbial growth before they start. Our technologies enhance consumer, textile, industrial and medical products across the globe; over 250 companies around the world currently manufacture products that feature our powerful antimicrobial and odor control protection. With Microban built-in, we have more control over our daily lifestyle—so we can worry less and enjoy life more.

Our Technology

Is it dirty? Does it stink?

Microbes are everywhere, covering the surface of products that you come into contact with every day. Odor is real. Have you ever noticed how your favorite workout shirt or pair of sneakers eventually build up a foul odor that simply won’t wash out? There’s a real reason for that, too: on unprotected surfaces or textiles, bacteria can grow quickly, causing premature damage and permanent stink. This is why, now more than ever, people are looking for products with added levels of antimicrobial and odor control protection that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and unpleasant odors, stains, and mildew.

Everyday Life

Wet and humid environments provide the perfect conditions for bacteria to flourish. On an unprotected surface, microbes can double in number every twenty minutes. In order to prevent this growth, regular cleaning or laundering is vital. For a higher level of prevention, built-in antimicrobial protection and odor capture technologies can provide continuous protection against the common bacteria that cause stains and odors on the products in your home and the apparel and footwear that you love.

Microban® Protection

Hard Surfaces

From countertops to dishwashers, mold and mildew can cause significant damage to products throughout your home. In addition to regular cleaning, built-in antimicrobial protection can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, protecting your home in-between cleanings.


Anyone that has ever smelled the musky funk coming from a wet towel or the foul stink in an old pair of running shoes understands the trouble and headache that comes with nasty odor. Keeping these less-than-pleasant smells at bay is a continuous battle. Fortunately, antimicrobial and odor capture technologies can be added into apparel, footwear and home textiles during manufacturing and production processes to provide continuous freshness and longer-lasting products for you and your family.

Live More. Worry Less.

Built-in antimicrobial and odor control technologies provide continuous protection that helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. When microbes come into contact with a product, our technologies work to either prevent them from growing or reproducing on surfaces and textiles, or to neutralize the odor they cause in textiles. The antimicrobial technology is added during manufacturing, making it a permanent part of the product that will not wash off or wear away, providing protection that lasts the lifetime of the product. The antimicrobial industry has come a long way in the past few years. Antimicrobials such as mercury, tin and arsenic compounds have been withdrawn from the market in favor of safer alternatives such as zinc, silver and organic-based alternatives. Antimicrobials are closely regulated by the EPA and must be registered specifically for intended use. When choosing products with a built-in antimicrobial, or textiles treated with odor control technology, be sure to choose a brand with a track record of success for best results.