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By: Dr Afiniki Akanet, author of Fortitude and Life Without Coffee (Choosing Happiness Over Stress)
Posted on: Apr 9, 2020

3 DIY Easter Bonnet Ideas

Published author and TCH guest blogger, Dr. Afiniki Akanet, runs through some great ideas for crafting a unique Easter bonnet for your at-home celebrations.

As a woman who prefers writing to doing crafts, and as a mother to two young children with amazing imagination and creativity, I have learned that the best creations often happen when I let my children express themselves with their art.

As we are staying put this year to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 globally, I think many parents will welcome the idea of making lovely Easter bonnets that help spread the joy and not the germs.

Here are some of my Easter bonnet ideas (which I have to say, will work best when children are allowed to do it their way!)

A Story Bonnet

The main things you need for this are an Easter bonnet (usually available at most craft stores or even Poundland) and some cardboard paper. Cut out the cardboard paper to make a long rectangle, which you will later wrap around the crown of the bonnet. Let your child(ren) make a colourful picture of the Easter story or some of their favourite superheroes along the full length of it, and use a bit of sellotape or glue to make it into a circle that goes around the bonnet.

If you have a child that likes writing, he/she can write Easter-related words like Hope, Joy, Saviour, Life and Love in beautiful colours, to make their bonnet more interesting and meaningful.

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An Up-Cycled Bonnet

If you have access to some glue, artificial flowers, bright ribbon, and a collection of old hair accessories, you can make a beautiful up-cycled bonnet. The fact that it will feature items you don't use anymore will also render it unique and environmentally friendly!

Don't worry too much about matching colours and symmetry. The random mix that your child chooses is what makes it super-cute!

A New Life Bonnet

Some craft shops sell small Easter chicks and decorative eggs that can be stuck on to some straw on the flat sides of a bonnet to make a lovely image of new life and the joy of Easter. Bright colours from yellow chicks and red/blue tiny eggs on brown straw will make a very cute bonnet for small children. The children are also small enough for adults to appreciate the detail of their cute hats from above!

Alternatively, you could colour some cotton wool and let the children express themselves as they arrange it with glue around the bonnet.

Whatever you choose to do for your Easter celebration this year, remember that it is a season of love and grace. Try not to get stressed by preparations, activities or even the current virus situation. And remember, children will often be happy with less than we expect, so focus on worrying less and enjoying the time with your family.