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Posted on: Jul 13, 2017

3 Products to Make Your DIY Dreams Go Further

If you’re new to the homeownership game or just looking for some tips and trick to liven up your home a little bit, taking on a DIY project may be the perfect solution for you. Anywhere from small coffee table decorations to entirely redecorating a room, it’s helpful to have the right equipment going into it. DIY projects are the perfect way to save a little while still getting a custom look made for you and by you!

We’ve compiled a list of products to add to your shopping list for your DIY projects to keep your crafts looking better, longer. Read on, DIY on.

Make Your Diy Dreams Go Further 2

1. Paint:

There’s nothing that can change the mood of an entire room quite like a fresh coat of paint. Do you still have that outdated piece of furniture you don’t know what to do with? Give it a fresh pop of color to bring it back to life. While a coat of paint is an easy fix, you want a paint that’s going to hold up and look fresh even after a few years. Investing in paint with antimicrobial technology keeps you safe against stains caused by bacteria to keep your home looking fresh.

2. Hardware:

A quick tip on taking your DIY projects from cheap or chic is the details. Choosing quality hardware over something a little cheaper can be a less expensive way to splurge on the overall project. Whether it’s new pulls on a restored piece of furniture or knobs on your freshly renovated sink- good hardware can take you DIY project to the next level.

3. Tools:

Having the right tools for the job can make or break your DIY dreams. Don’t turn your 30-minute flip into a five-hour flop just because you wanted to save a few dollars on tools. Do your research and get tools that are going to help you show off those handy (wo)man skills. Besides, when you invest in good tools they last a lot longer and can help you fulfill all of your future DIY dreams.

So put on your safety glasses and get to work on making your home exactly what you dreamed it could be! For more tips on a cleaner and healthier lifestyle like us on Facebook or visit us at