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By: Alison Jacobson
Posted on: Sep 17, 2019

4 Fun and Creative At Home Date Night Ideas

Our guest blogger Alison Jacobson, The Safety Mom, is back again this week with some at home date night ideas!

I was speaking to a neighbor who has a 2-year-old and she told me that she hasn’t been out with her husband for a date since before their daughter was born. I was horrified! I remember when my kids were that little – you need a break to remind yourself that you’re an adult as well as a mom.

Sometimes going out just isn’t in the cards for whatever reason but that doesn’t mean you can’t still figure out a way to have a date night at home. Since I’m married to a man whose disabled and uses a power chair it’s even more difficult to find things that we can do together so I must be a bit more creative. Here are some ideas for making a date night at home fun and romantic.

Create a tropical theme

When it’s the dead of winter there’s nothing better than escaping to a tropical island. If a vacation isn’t in your budget create a tropical paradise at home. Put some reggae on your play list and even turn up the heat so you can put on a cute summer dress. Make some tropical drinks in the blender and try out a recipe for a Caribbean dish like Jerk Chicken and fried plantains.

Brush off the date night games

It’s easy after an exhausting week to just want to veg on the couch and watch Netflix but try something new for date night. Pick up a board game that will get you thinking like Wits End or Codenames Duet or put a new twist on an old favorite and play “Strip Scrabble.” If games aren’t your thing try a new skill like making sushi together or doing yoga.

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Move date night to day date

Doing a small project around the home together can bring about a sense of accomplishment. Painting a room, planting some flowers, even washing your car can be enjoyable if you do it together!

Write your story

If you and your partner haven’t been together a long time there are probably some things from his or her past that you don’t know about. Create a list of “safe” questions (ones that won’t lead to jealousy or annoyance) and become reporters for the evening. Questions could include:

  • Who was the funniest/best teacher you had when you were in school?
  • What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you when you were a kid?
  • Which are the top 3 places you’ve always wanted to visit?
  • Which superhero is your favorite and why?

Whatever date night activity you choose be sure that you and your partner mutually agree on it and then plan together.

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