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Posted on: Jun 2, 2017

4 Not-So-Terrible-For-You Alternatives to National Donut Day

It might seem like every day a not so legitimate holiday is on the horizon, today we’re celebrating one we can all get behind: National Donut Day. While donuts might be delicious, they may not be the healthiest breakfast or snack option. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on celebrating completely. We put together a list of smart alternatives to those sugary, carb-loaded treats. So go for it, treat yourself, guilt free.

Alternatives To National Donut Day 2

1. A Healthy Take on a Classic

Who says you can’t make some conscious decisions to make the classics a little better for you? This healthy donut recipe will have you coming back for seconds, and that’s totally okay! You’re allowed to. (Recipe and images via Chocolate Covered Katie)

Alternatives To National Donut Day 3

2. Baked Cinnamon Donuts

We all know that fried food isn’t great for you. So here’s an easy baked recipe that, added bonus, is also flourless. It’s also packed with nutrients so it doesn’t leave you with the sugar crash that comes with your usual donut. (Recipe and images via The Big Mans World.)

Alternatives To National Donut Day 4

3. Apple Cinnamon Cookies

Okay we know it’s not a donut but it had a hole in the middle and so we’re counting it as close enough. These apple cinnamon cookies with hazelnut spread are a healthy alternative that won’t have you regretting the calories. It's also pretty delicious too- trust us. (Recipe and images via The Cleaner Home.)

Alternatives To National Donut Day 5

4. Coconut and Chocolate Chunk Banana Break Donuts

These delicious donuts are around 200 calories less than your average donut and less than half the sugar. The banana and coconut is a perfect pair and the chocolate drizzle is the perfect finish. Just thinking about these guys will have your mouth watering. (Recipe and images via Nutrition in the Kitchen)

Do you know a healthy donut recipe? We want to hear it. Share your favorite healthy snack with us via Facebook or tag us in your pics on Instagram!