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Posted on: Jul 17, 2020

Cooler Clues: Best Practices for Selecting, Maintaining and Using Your Cooler

This blog is happily brought to you by our friends at California Innovations. They show you what to look for in the best coolers and how to take care of them after being in the toughest conditions. Continue reading for their tips on choosing and maintaining your cooler during these hot summer days.

As individuals become increasingly focused on maintaining a healthier lifestyle, many will consider bringing food from home vs. purchasing it or dining out. Whether taking a recreational excursion or going to work, people can take steps to purchase, maintain and use a cooler to ensure that food is kept fresh and beverages stay cold. As the largest global manufacturer of soft-sided coolers, California Innovations, manufacturer of the popular Arctic Zone brand, shares best practices for selecting, maintaining and using coolers.

Selecting a Cooler:

  • Look for coolers that use antimicrobial technology - Choose coolers that use Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection, a technology infused into the cooler’s lining that works continuously to inhibit the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria on the cooler surfaces. Many Arctic Zone coolers, including the high-performance Titan line, use built-in Microban technology to provide antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the rotomolded cooler.
  • Choose a cooler that is stain-resistant - When deciding upon a cooler, choose one with a stain resistant exterior. This makes it easier to clean and ensures that the cooler maintains its new look. The high performance Titan coolers have a Rhino-Tech® exterior material that is tough and water and stain resistant, making the cooler easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.
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Caring for your cooler:

Cooler care is especially important when considering the lifespan of your product. To make sure your cooler lasts, be sure to properly clean and dry it after each use.

  • Wash coolers immediately after each use - For the best cooler maintenance, use mild detergent or dish soap to scrub down the cooler’s interior, exterior and lid. This prevents the build-up of odors that are difficult to remove and that may impact the taste of food.
  • Let the cooler dry - After cleaning the entire cooler, keep the lid off and allow it to dry completely before storing. This prevents the growth of bacteria. Use a towel to absorb any excess water, but it is still best to let the cooler air dry.
  • Store the cooler in a cool and dry place – Preferably store the cooler inside your home. If being stored in a garage or basement, keep the cooler on a shelf to prevent it from being exposed to moisture. Be sure that the cooler is completely dry before putting it away, and if the cooler has a drain plug, unplug it. To protect it from dust, keep the cooler open or with the lid off and cover it with a light sheet.

Getting the most out of your cooler:

Pack the cooler like a pro –

  • When packing a cooler, everything should be cold, so pre-chill food and drinks beforehand.
  • Before putting anything in the cooler, layer the bottom with ice.
  • Conserve space by removing excess packaging; use containers that are just large enough to fit the necessary portions and use plastic bags to keep food dry.
  • To prevent any food from being squished, pack heavier items on the bottom such as meats and containers of pre-cut veggies and fruit.
  • After everything is packed, add more ice to fill in empty spaces.
  • Keep the cooler in the shade to keep ice frozen longer.
  • If a cooler is going to be used for a multi-day camping trip, it's best to keep food and drinks separate. If possible, bring two coolers.

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