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Posted on: Apr 12, 2018

How to Create the Perfect Playroom

Whether you’re on your third kid or your first-born is starting to become their own curious creature, having a dedicated playroom can keep your entire home from turning into a playground. But finding inspiration to create the most fun and safe space can be daunting. We pulled together a few suggestions of must-haves for the ideal space – made for kids crawling, drawing and taking over your space.

Colorful Wallpaper

Have your playroom walls come to life! Choose a wallpaper that sparks creativity and interest. Whether you choose a garden mural or a jungle setting, adding a pop of art in the playroom is a bold statement that doesn’t have to take over your entire home.

Fun Flooring

Make sure your little one’s foundation is protected AND comfortable. This FunPlay flooring from Venture Products is both fun and functional. The bright colors and educational design in each will make sure the kids are having fun, while the antimicrobial protection infused into the product will keep your mind at ease.

Fun Lighting

The best way to brighten up a room is, well, with a lamp. But get creative! Peak their creativity with by getting a lamp with personality. If you have smart home devices, consider fun, eco-friendly lighting that can change colors to give the kids an extra sensory experience.

Table & Chairs

Finger painting and tea parties are dependent on the setup so a work station is a must. Make sure to get light-weight furniture so your little ones can easily rearrange according to their imagination. Consider adding a booster chair so the younger siblings can still join in on the fun. While these Microban-protected Koala Kare booster chair is found in public spaces only, this Skip Hop Zoo Owl seat is cute enough for little sibs to feel special, too.

Plenty of Storage Space

Reserve some space in your playroom for storage. From cubbies to bins, we highly suggest labeling every compartment. Keeping all of your kids’ toys and gizmos is essential to maintaining the perfect playroom, and it teaches them how to upkeep a clean environment.

Hardworking Hardware

This is an element of the playroom to think about now, and you’ll thank us later. With each and every interaction throughout the day, the products we use can be exposed to bacteria, which can double in number every twenty minutes. Now think about tiny, germy hands touching them day in and day out. Kwikset door knobs with Microban antimicrobial protection stops microbes at the door. Choose from a selection of options that are with or without locks depending on how much freedom you want them to have.

Reading Nook

Encourage the kids to put down the tablet and instead open up a book in a beautiful environment. Whether you build an elaborate tent with fluffy pillows and lights, or simply put a chair by the window, create a space that is light, bright and built specifically for letting their minds to wander.

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