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By: Alison Jacobson
Posted on: May 27, 2020

Creating New Living Designs After COVID-19

Our guest blogger Alison Jacobson, The Safety Mom, is back again this week to talk new ways to thing about designing the interior of your home now and in the future as a result of stay at home orders. Read on for Alison's tip towards home redesign ideas that families will be thinking about in the future.

A lot of how we live our lives is changing due to the pandemic. More companies are realizing that work-from-home situations are not only possible but might be necessary in the future. We’re learning how to find our personal space and manage when the entire family is home all day. While we all hope that we never need to be under a quarantine like this again, it’s quite possible that we will and it’s making us take a look at how our homes are set-up.

Here are a few home redesign ideas that families will be thinking about in the future.

One home-office space might not be enough.

People who normally wouldn’t work from home such as teachers have needed to create space to teach online classes where they won’t be disturbed by their own children while their spouse is working from the home office. It also requires a room that has good natural light or enough lighting in the room for video conferencing. Think about using a spare guest bedroom as a second home office. Replace a traditional bed with a daybed or pull-out sofa to give you more room for a desk.

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“Cozy and Calm” will be more important.

Especially when you have young kids you’ve been entertaining all day, a place to escape to is critical to maintain your sanity. This could be redesigning your bathroom with a spa tub and skylights or adding small items such as a plant (studies have proven that indoor plants reduce stress levels and boost your mood) or a wall hanging or just a fresh coat of paint. Consider turning a small area of your bedroom into a meditation area or even redesigning a closet. Once again, some paint, a meditation pillow and a small table for a Buddha statue and some candles can transform it into a Zen oasis. You can even update your floors with soft and warm cork floors or a lighter TORLYS floor to warm your space. Formal dining rooms have been less important than casual gathering spaces for quite some time, but now more than ever people will be looking for places where the entire family can do activities or watch Netflix. Outdoor spaces will also become more important. We just created an area in our backyard for a firepit where we can all chill out as a family and roast s'mores or my hubby and I can have a quiet time with a blanket and a glass of wine.

Something that none of us have ever needed to consider is a quarantine room in our home.

As the spouse of someone with a physical disability this would have presented a challenge as my husband needs our handicap accessible bathroom and our bed which has been modified for him. If you live with an elderly parent there’s also the consideration of maneuvering steps if he or she needs to be isolated from the rest of the family and has difficulty walking. A first-floor room that can be converted into a bedroom with access to a full bathroom and even a small refrigerator can be a temporary solution for a quarantine situation. But, as more families have multi-generations living together, in-law cottages or “granny pods” are becoming popular. These are equipped with kitchens, living rooms and handicap-accessible bathrooms. They vary in size and specs – some are quite elaborate but others can be quite economical. One comes on an RV platform and another comes as a “kit” that you or a contractor can assemble.

Whether you’re planning on moving or staying in your home for years to come, now’s the time to start considering room set-ups that a few months ago would not have been imagined but will be important in the future.