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By: Alison Jacobson, The Safety Mom
Posted on: Apr 11, 2019

Easy Easter Crafts with Kids

Usually I’m the type of person who doesn’t do party planning until maybe two days beforehand, but I’m so excited for Easter this year I’ve started to think about cute Easter crafts and bunny decorations already.If you live in the Northeast, Easter can be a questionable holiday in terms of the weather. We’ve been known to have 4-5 inches of snow fall which can totally ruin your Easter egg hunt and kind of makes an Easter basket useless.

This year, since Easter is later in the month, I’m planning on a beautiful warm day so that we can wear strappy sandals and eat outside. We’ll be having friends and family over, so not only do I want the table to be festive and spring like, I’m planning some adorable Easter craft ideas for the kids (hopefully to burn off some of the sugar-high from all the chocolate!)

Whether you’re planning a big get together or something more intimate, if there a kids there, you will want to have some activities in mind for them. Here are a few easy kids craft ideas to make your celebration festive and fun.

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Celebrate spring with your centerpiece

Place sprigs of fresh flowers in various glass jars and containers and tie gingham ribbon or raffia around them for a natural/rustic look. This is a very simple idea that kids can help with. Have younger kids pick the flowers from the blooms in your yard or arrange purchased flowers, and allow older kids to tie on the ribbons and decorate the jars.

Create “egg-celent” place cards

Buy small flower pots and fill them with Easter grass. Use a white crayon and stencil to write each guest’s name on the pots and place a dyed egg in each pot as the place card. Stencils of bunnies and chicks are easy to find in the spring and make great accents for the eggs. You can make it even more fun by letting kids decorate a special place holder for the Easter bunny.

Decorate Easter egg cakes

Buy some pound cake and cut into 1 – 2” slices. Trim each slice into the shape of an Easter Egg – frost with different pastel-colored frosting and decorating gels to make Easter egg cakes. Frosting is always big fun for kids. Fill some zippered plastic bags with contrasting colored frosting and let them decorate the cakes with pom poms or draw on Easter chicks to complete these cute confections.

Bring some color to your deviled eggs

Rather than your basic white deviled eggs, use food coloring to make a variety of colored eggs. In addition to helping to mix the color in the eggs, you littlest helpers can also color and decorate egg cartons to display the eggs as part of the party decor. Paper Easter bunnies are easy to put together with colored construction paper and glue, or you can purchase pre-made bunny parts that stick together easily.

Create a Peep wreath

Buy a few boxes of Peeps in different colors and a Styrofoam wreath. Using toothpicks to attach the Peeps to the wreath all facing the same way, but alternating colors. Tie a gingham bow to the top of the wreath to hang on a wall. If you have little ones helping you, it may work best to go ahead and attach the Peeps to toothpicks and let them stick those onto the wreath. If you can take it, let them make a "silly" wreath with the Peeps facing all different directions and incorporate some Peep bunnies into the mix for more variety.

Build an egg tree

Using colored pieces of construction paper cut out egg shapes and decorate them with a marker. Kids can really get creative and draw pictures on their eggs or challenge older kids to write in their favorite things about spring. Use a hole-puncher to create a hole at the top and loop a pipe cleaner through to create a hook. Purchase some artificial forsythia or other spring branches, place in vase and hang the eggs from the branches.

Whether you are celebrating Easter with friends, family or both, don't feel like you have to only stick to the time-honored egg-dying tradition. Coming up with a few easy crafts is a great way to get all of your guests into the spring spirit! Happy crafting!