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By: Clair Cook, author of
Posted on: Jul 12, 2021

Healthy Sweet Snack: Frozen Greek Yogurt Popsicles

You know what comes along with all the summer fun? You got it. The summer heat! It does not take long for the temperatures to start rising here in Louisiana, and I am pretty sure we are not alone is this feeling of living in an oven. The best way to deal with the summer heat is to first off stay hydrated. Secondly, figure out all the ways to stay cool. These easy frozen Greek yogurt popsicles are perfect for just that!


An easy, healthy take on a refreshing treat.

We all can vouch for how refreshing a cool popsicle is during the summer months. These things stay in stock in our freezer. The one thing many parents may worry about when it come to all those popsicles is the amount of sugar they bring. This is where Greek yogurt comes into play.

I am a huge fan of Greek yogurt and all the benefits it has. My children love it, but only if it has some mix-ins. Greek yogurt is much creamier than regular yogurt, which makes it perfect for freezing! Once you start making these frozen Greek yogurt popsicles, you are not going to want to go back.

Customize & control the ingredients your way.

Another thing that is great about making your own Greek yogurt popsicles is that you have the ingredients in your own hand. You can control what is being added to them. This is good for those who have food allergies in their home. In this recipe, I used Greek yogurt that already had some fruit in it. You can opt for just plain yogurt if you want.

Honey is the sugar alternative that I use for my popsicles. This can be omitted or substituted with another sugar alternative. I will note that you will want to add some sort of sweetener to your popsicles. The Greek yogurt is a tad bit bitter. The fruit does not add enough sugar to offside the bitterness. If you want your kids to enjoy these frozen Greek yogurt popsicles, then I suggest adding a sweetener of some sort.

All the fruits, well sort of.

As I mentioned above, you can have it your way when it comes to these popsicles. The choice of Greek yogurt is even in your hands. If you want to use strawberry Greek yogurt, then do so! Maybe you like a blueberry Greek yogurt. The type of fruit you add to your popsicles is in your court too.

We opted to use blueberries and strawberries for our popsicles. They hold up well when frozen. Most fruits will do well when frozen. Peaches also make for a more than delicious yogurt popsicle. The only fruit that I would be hesitant to add is apple. Apple has a harder texture than these other fruits and would not do as well in these yogurt popsicles.

If you decide to add banana, remember that it will brown. May not look pretty but will still taste good!


Get the kids to help.

I am all about encouraging your kids in the kitchen. They can learn so much being on the prepping side of things. My kids love it when I include them in any baking or cooking. These frozen Greek yogurt popsicles are perfect for little ones because it does not require any cooking. The only aspect of this recipe where an adult would need to assist is the prepping of the fruit since you will be using a knife to cut the fruit on a cutting board.

A great idea for this step is to prep all the fruit a head of time and have it stored in a snack container. Then you can hand over the prepped fruit to your kids to mix-in right away without having to wait for all the cutting! It eliminates the waiting and ‘I can’t do it!’ factor.

Other than that, your kids add and mix all the ingredients. My 4-year-old even helped spoon the Greek yogurt mixture into the popsicle molds.

What about the popsicle mold?

You all may be wondering what to do about the popsicle mold part. These can be bought or even made with items from your home. One example is using small disposable cups. Once the Greek yogurt is frozen, you can tear or cut away the cup. I ended up buying a popsicle mold to have since we like to make our own popsicles.

Do I have a favorite? Honestly, I do not. I have tried silicon ones as well as the plastic one that I current use. I say you just order what you can and go with it! I have been using a plastic one for a while now and have not had a whole lot of issues.


Perfect treat for summer parties!

I can not talk all about these frozen Greek yogurt popsicles without saying how great they would be for parties. I mentioned earlier how you have control over what ingredients are in these popsicles. If you know of a child who will be present who has a food allergy, you can opt out those ingredients. Although these are made with Greek yogurt, you can find a substitute that is non-dairy if necessary.

You can make these all sorts of party ready by pre-wrapping them all in a treat bag, wrapping the end around the popsicle stick, and transporting in a cooler bag. I am always about this California Innovations brand for bringing my ‘must stay chilled’ items places.

Let's get to the recipe.

Enough chatter about these wonderful popsicles. Am I right? This recipe is extremely easy. You will only need 3 ingredients: Greek yogurt, honey, and cut up fruit. That is it! Other than these 3 things, a popsicle mold.


Stay cool and hydrated this summer.

The heat is no joke for anyone this time of year. We must be proactive in trying to stay cool and hydrated. Why not solve this issue with a delicious treat? These frozen Greek yogurt popsicles are for the win the summer. I hope you all enjoy as much as we do!