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By: Clair Cook, author of
Posted on: May 13, 2021

End of School Year Motivation Tips

With the end of the school year fast approaching, it can be easy for parents and kids to get overwhelmed and burnt out. Clair shares some simple tips to stay motivated and engaged in the weeks leading up to summer break!

Meditation is made for everyone.

Meditation is a great way for relaxing and re-centering. No better time than during the last part of the school year to start meditation. My oldest is currently finishing up her LEAP standardized. Things have not been the easiest this year considering the pandemic. Meditation is perfect for helping kids reset and relax after a long day of testing. It is also perfect for your younger children who are needing to calm down during all of the chaos.

It does not have to be difficult. You can set up a quiet area in your home for stretching and yoga. Love this Venture Yoga Mat perfect for any type of stretching and yoga. Other ways to help our kid relax from all the pressures of school is time to play outside. A mixture of sunshine and physical activity creates a happy response. One outdoor activity my kids have been all about for releasing school anxiety is playtime in the pool. I believe I am with them on this one too.

If you can find a way to include yourself in these meditation activities, do it! Parents are just as overwhelmed as the children during this time of year. It will allow for everyone to bond and release frustration at the same time. Perfect way to bond before the summer months.


Nutritious Snack Trays.

What kid does not love afternoon snacks? My kids come home from school ravished as if they have not eaten all day. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who has children who come home in this state. While it may be easy to allow them to go through the pantry and grab whatever snacks they want, creating a nutritious snack tray is even better. Think of this snack tray as a nutritious charcuterie board for celebrating the end of school year.

Include food items like berries, citrus fruits, nuts, dark chocolate, and avocados. These are all great foods to have been noted for enhancing mental performance. Of course, the food items listed are only great for those who do not have a dietary restriction.

Another great idea when it comes to these snack trays is to get your kids to help you put it together. My kids absolutely love it when I include them in the kitchen. Creating these snack trays can be a lot of fun for them. Hand them a few food storage containers to gather all their snacks.


Quiet time with doodling.

I know I have already mentioned meditation above for helping release the stress associated with end of school year. With this type of meditation, I was focusing on the aspect of physical movement. It included yoga as well as the idea of outdoor play. Another type of quiet time is one in which you listen to music, journal, and even doodling/drawing. There are a lot of other children who use these techniques to release emotional frustration and stress.

A few great products to encourage this type of quiet time with journaling at the end of school year are these air pod cases as well as these notebooks and journals that all have an antimicrobial feature. As above, just set up an area where they can remove themselves from others to quietly listen to their music and doodle without any distractions. The point of this quiet time is to get away from the distractions and truly relax.

This is also an awesome technique to teach your younger children. When they feel overwhelmed, they can release their stress and anxiety onto the paper. Great therapy!

Perfect for journal time, Continental Accessory stationary offers 24/7 protection against stain and odor causing bacteria

A bedtime schedule before the real celebration.

It is not too late to instill a bedtime routine. The end of the school year can be overwhelming for all children both mentally and physically. You want to make sure your children are getting enough sleep to do their best while they are in school. We all may be ready to put an end to those earlier bedtime routines as well as waking up way earlier than we want, but we cannot do this just yet. Now is the time to finish out the school year strong and on top.

My kids are not about this early bedtime routine. To be honest, I wish it were even earlier than I have it now. Kids will be kids when it comes to bedtime. Remind them that the summer is right around the corner, and all the fun can be had then. Sleep is important for everyone. If you have a routine in place, it does make the bedtime process a little easier. Try to have dinner at an earlier time followed by a time for calming down. We love to read to our kids before bedtime. This is a great way for kids to unwind before bedtime as well as bonding time.

The end of school year needs motivation tips.

We always think of the beginning of the school year when it comes to motivation. The end of school year is just as important, but for different reasons. Everyone is ready for summer and the chaos does not help any of this anticipation. If you incorporate these motivation tips, it will make things easier and better for everyone. Parents and students are both trying to make it to the end of this school year, and this one has not been like all other school years. The pandemic has made it more difficult. We deserve to make this one the best one yet none the less.

Here is to ending the school year on top and enjoying the summer months! Do you have any motivation tips for making the end of school year easier?

End of School Year Motivation Tips