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Posted on: Mar 12, 2021

The Cleaner Home's Top 5 Cleaning Video Channels!

Spring cleaning, anyone?

It’s that time of year again: spring cleaning is here! An age old tradition that dates back to literally needing to scrub soot off the walls from furnaces during cold winters, spring inspires many to tackle what we’ve been putting off all winter. The sun is out, the birds are singing, and the longer daylight hours are showing off all the dust that’s been collecting for months. Who’s inspired?

Needing a bit more motivation, encouragement, or just plain accountability? Look no further. The ‘Extreme Cleaning’ community of content on YouTube might do just the trick.

While you may have heard of lifestyle influencers or family vloggers, there’s a niche space of content on YouTube that solely focuses on cleaning. That’s right, the mundane but necessary task we all have to power through. These cleaning videos range anywhere from specific rooms or areas of the home to cleaning an entire house, and they’re receiving millions of views.

Deep cleaning videos: inspiring & oddly satisfying

A typical video includes time-lapsed footage of these powerhouse ladies deep cleaning, organizing, or tidying various spaces of the home, accompanied by upbeat music and some voiceover narration. Single and married women both with or without kids give viewers a peek into their cleaning rituals: sometimes late nights or early mornings while kids are asleep, sometimes cleaning up a mess that has been put off for days. Throughout the routine, they’ll share organization tips, cleaning hacks, product recommendations and more.

The most popular videos include titles like ‘Complete Disaster!’ or ‘Extreme Cleaning: Entire House!’ where a 2-day cleaning spree is condensed into a 30-minute video. While many strive to keep tidy homes, the reality is that life gets messy - and these ladies own it.

Some watch for encouragement, relatability and even background companionship while they, too, tackle the everyday cleaning chores. Others might find it oddly satisfying to watch the clutter disappear like magic (and maybe hope their messes will vanish, too).

New to the world of ‘extreme cleaning’? We’ve created a beginner’s guide including our top five channels below!

Our favorite cleaning motivation video channels

Jessica Tull

About: A single mom of 3, Jessica has truly turned the everyday cleaning chore into something watch-worthy. For anyone out there overwhelmed to ‘get it all done,’ Jessica’s videos inspire to make each day count and tackle the seemingly impossible messes.

This Crazy Life

About: Amanda’s most popular videos are her ‘Clean With Me’ marathons, where she compiles multiple videos into 1.5+ hours of speed cleaning content. Amanda’s motto is ‘sharing real life messes...and the motivation to clean them up!’ She also has a second channel, This Crazy Life Vlog, where she shares more family and day-in-the-life videos.

Alexandra Beuter

About: Although Alexandra is one of the oldest channels on our list, her first cleaning video wasn’t until March 2018. Her former content focused on beauty, fashion, DIY and lifestyle, her channel now includes ultimate cleaning, dream decor & organization, and shares her experiences navigating motherhood.

Clean My Space

About: A little different from the other channels, Melissa Maker prides herself on being the cleaning expert, sharing her tips for cleaning all sorts of things around your house (from AirPods to the kitchen sink) with maximum speed and effectiveness. She posts content including ‘How to Clean Everything’ in various rooms of the home, decluttering, cleaning hacks and product reviews. And, of course, she shares our favorite & satisfying ‘Clean with Me’ videos.

Crazy Cleaning Mama

About: Emily shares interspersed lifestyle content as a mom of four, but her channel mainly focuses on deep cleaning routines with a new video each week. Emily’s prime content includes her binge-worthy ‘insane deep clean’ and ‘filthy whole house’ footage, and our personal favorite: ‘all night’ & ‘after dark’ cleaning regimes that she tackles while her kids are asleep.

There’s just something about seeing these ladies get it done that inspires us to do the same. Although we can’t clean in fast-forward, we know the work will pay off with a satisfying space transformation.

We hope you feel encouraged to create your to-do list, gather your supplies and tackle your spring cleaning!

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