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By: Dr Afiniki Akanet, author of Life Without Coffee (Choosing Happiness Over Stress),
Posted on: Mar 7, 2019

Five Cleaning Tips for the Forgotten Areas of Your Home

I recently had some renovations done in my house which led to lots of dust settling around the furniture, forcing me to make time for a proper clean. Thankfully, I had a few days off work and some new EGL Homecare products featuring Microban® protection, including cleaning pads, microfiber cloths and scouring pads - and it seemed to be the perfect opportunity to invest time in cleaning the house. Despite having two small children to entertain in half-term break and other work to do, I managed to find and tackle some ‘easy to forget’ areas that have sadly not been cleaned in a while! Here are some cleaning tips and tricks for dealing with these infrequently cleaned areas, long term.

Plan your time wisely:

It is unrealistic to expect to be able to clean 'easy to forget' spots regularly, especially when you struggle to keep on top of chores that actually need to be done daily. Those spots are often ‘easy to forget’ because they do not get seen or used often, so probably also do not get dirty for a while. Set aside a time to target the unusual areas - areas such as under/behind beds, sofas and appliances. If you use a cleaning service, you can specify a day on the cleaning schedule for them to focus on those areas for you. They are often harder to reach and clean during the usual cleaning routine, which is why we forget them. Taking time out to do them specially means that when you do clean them, you have the time to do a thorough job.

Work smart:

I was pleased to see that the microfiber kitchen cloths and other products by EGL Homecare have built-in antimicrobial protection. While we cannot see these benefits with the naked eye, it is reassuring to know that the unseen bacteria that can grow on cleaning tools is not a problem in these products. Use antimicrobial wipes often, and have them handy so you can give a quick wipe when you remember places such as door handles, light switches and computer keyboards that get handled often but cleaned rarely. Good old dusters also work great - especially for high, hard-to-reach areas, like tops of shelves, ceiling fans, light fixtures and cupboards. While you have everything pulled out, you can also use a magic eraser to remove smudges or marks on the wall that might be left behind by furniture placements.

Change is good:

You don't have to wait until it is time for spring cleaning to get organized! Re-organize your cupboards, shelves, and wardrobes regularly to give you a chance to clean them out from the back. You might also find clothes or dishes you have not used in a while! Moving around furniture to try new room designs can be exciting - making the space feel new, and giving you a chance to clean hidden areas. If you have small rooms that can only be laid out in one or two ways, you might want to consider de-cluttering to make space for more movement and ultimately reducing the number of ‘easy to forget’ areas. If you find that your closets are pretty full and you don't have lot that you can get rid of, consider using baking soda or a dryer sheet tucked into the space to help keep the closets and closed-in cupboards smelling fresh.

Clean the machines:

Don’t forget to clean the appliances and tools that help you get the job done. I mean appliances such as the dishwasher, vacuum cleaner and washing machine, which many of us cannot live without. They can get dirty too! Most appliances will have care instructions, and how often we need to clean them will depend on how much we use them. If you have pets, take special care to clean you vacuum, removing any pet hair that might be caught in the spindle. Many of us will also have a cupboard or closet for storing our cleaning equipment. This is often a part of the house that gets forgotten when we clean. If yours also doubles up as the junk cupboard - like it does in many houses - make time to empty it out regularly and lose the junk, before it becomes a nice hiding place for mice!

Pay for quality:

I have found that buying good quality cleaning products is more than worth it. You are paying for improved durability, longevity, ease of use and sometimes even cleanliness. Even simple things like quality cleaning cloths can make a difference to your experience over just using paper towels for cleaning. In my first experience with the EGL Homecare cleaning cloths featuring Microban® technology, I noticed that the larger surface area, allowed me to complete more cleaning in less time, which is so valuable. In addition, good quality products also usually need changing less often - the reusable cloths stay cleaner and fresher for longer, so you get more use out of them for the money. As the saying goes, ‘buy cheap, buy twice.'

Life can be busy. Don’t panic if the list of forgotten areas in your home is longer than expected. Reading articles like this can sometimes make people feel overwhelmed, but we need to never lose sight of the big picture. Even when you are making good use of your time in other ways and doing your best to maintain a clean home, there will always be some tasks that are forgotten. However, it's not the end of the world - you will get around to it. In the meantime, just throw a blanket over it and remember to always choose happiness over stress!