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By: Maria Diefenbach
Posted on: Jul 19, 2019

Four Tips for Choosing the Best Workout Gear

When it comes to your health, working out is a must. But long runs and hot yoga classes, 30 minutes on the elliptical and even quick walks around the block, make getting drenched in sweat inevitable.

Workout gear that’s sure to keep you cool (and hide sweat stains) can help you get the most out of a workout—and make post-run drinks sans the shower a little more reasonable. From choosing the right styles to avoiding certain materials, here are four ways to ensure your gear stands up to sweat—and stink.

1. Air it Out: Keeping yourself cool in the first place helps minimize sweat. Look for styles that breathe. Roomy, lightweight tanks and shorts are ideal for ventilation. Bonus points if you can nab a style featuring mesh paneling, which helps circulate air.

2. Pick Fabrics the Perform: Unlike 100 percent cotton—which traps moisture—performance apparel helps keep you dry and comfortable during a workout. Look for fabrics made of bamboo, nylon or polyester for flexible, moisture-wicking wear. And if they feature cooling technology? Even better.

3. Make it Stink-Proof: It’s no secret that workouts typically leave you smelling less than fresh. But they don’t have to. Innovative technology like Scentry Revive by Microban neutralizes odors and prevents them from building up between washes. That means better-smelling workouts and less laundry for you. Look for features like “odor control” and “odor-resistant” on hang tags when shopping to make sure you get the best protection.

4. Go for Dark Colors: When it comes to hiding sweat, darker colors like navy and black are your allies. Avoid light greys and pastel-colored gear since they’re prone to putting sweat on display.

Follow these tips the next time you’re in the market for some new gear and leave sweaty, stinky workouts in the dust. What is your favorite gear to sport? Let us know on Facebook!