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Posted on: Jan 11, 2019

FREE Printable Weekly House Cleaning Checklist

When a whole house needs to be cleaned, it can be a daunting task. What should be cleaned first? How can everything be cleaned quickly and efficiently? These are common concerns when anyone is faced with a big house cleaning job, but don’t worry! We have a solution which will mean everyone can keep on top of their house cleaning chores.

The key is creating a house cleaning routine. By having a routine injected into your weekly schedule it will make cleaning a lot easier as you will not be left with a big job at the end of the week. We would recommend doing a little bit of cleaning every day, for example cleaning your living room one day and then focusing on your bathroom the next day.

To make this routine even easier, we have designed a free house cleaning checklist which you can print out and use at home. This will help you to keep on track and highlight any areas which might have been neglected during the week.

To get your house cleaning checklist, right click on the graphic below, save it to your computer and then print! We hope you find it useful.

Download Your Free House Cleaning Checklist:

Printable Weekly House Cleaning Checklist