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Posted on: May 5, 2017

Got 10 Minutes? 30? An Hour? Clean This. (Guide)

We lead busier lives than ever, which can make it tough to juggle our daily chores with everything else life throws at us. Finding balance isn’t easy—but it can be done. To help you maintain a cleaner (and happier!) home on a tight schedule, we’ve put together a fast-and-furious Guide to Cleaning based on the amount of time you have, whether it’s 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour.

Clean This Guide 2


Accomplish just a few things on this short list, and you’ll feel better, instantly—we guarantee it.

1. De-clutter Floors

Make it fun: turn up the music and get moving! Pick up and put away toys, clothes, shoes, blankets, mail—anything out of place that gets in the way of a clean and open floor. Once the foundation of your home opens up, the space will feel bigger and neater right away.

2. Clear, Wipe Kitchen Counters

Stash the tupperware and toss dishes in the dishwasher; file away the mail and return spices to their rack; then give your kitchen counters a swift but thorough wipe-down with a disinfectant. A clean kitchen can do wonders for your peace of mind.

3. Make The Bed

You won’t only feel like a successful grown-up, you’ll appreciate the way a freshly made bed (or simply straightened one) can elevate the bedroom and feel awesome to flop onto after a long, tiring day.

4. Take Out the Trash (If Needed)

Easy? Yes. Quick? Yes. But why is it on this list? It’s simple: out with the old (and trashy), and your kitchen will feel lighter and cleaner from the inside out.


This is one clever way to make the most of a lunch break—and clock out to a cleaner, happier space.

1. Sweep, Mop or Vacuum

If a healthier home starts with the foundation, give your floors a little love and the whole house will feel fresher. Grab the broom and belt out “Mi Amore,” swing-dance with the mop or double-task by fitting a few fitness moves in while you vacuum. The time will fly!

2. Put Away Laundry, Change Bedsheets

Grab that linen basket and put laundry in its place! When life gets busy, we tend to let clean (and dirty) clothes pile up. It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel just by putting everything clean away, throwing the rest in the wash and giving the bed a fresh fitting.

3. Wipe Down Bathroom Counters, Clean Toilet

Arm yourself with disinfectant wipes or strong paper towels, and roll up those sleeves—the bathroom can be a tricky, sticky space to clean (especially quickly), but it always needs it! Give a thorough wipe-down to all counters, sinks and toilets, put away cluttered cosmetics and give the bowl a scrub for fresh sparkle in this well-used room.

4. Do a Quick Dusting

Any tool will do, from the classic french maid feather poof to a space-age extendable gizmo—just have fun and try not to sneeze!


You’ve performed a miracle: secured a whole hour just for cleaning. A little extra-special attention on these four household hotspots will make it worth it.

1. Vacuum Furniture

Families know: the dreaded lifting of the couch cushions could reveal either treasure (in the form of quarters from Dad’s pockets) or something fearsome and crumbly. Don’t be intimidated—grab that vacuum hose attachment and relieve your furniture of crumbs and pet fur. You’ll appreciate it the next time you sink into a blissfully clean couch.

2. Clean Windows and Mirrors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the sparkliest of them all? Yours will be—with a little elbow grease to cut through smudges and smears. Bonus: the fresh, dancing and dappled shine of sunlight streaming through clean glass windows will have you letting out a big refreshed breath when entering a room.

3. Wash Rugs and Bathmats

Those carpets, rugs and bath mats underfoot are more than happy to collect stinky germs over time. Whether you’re a DIY-er with a rented steam cleaner, or you opt to take those big Persians to the dry cleaner, either way, you’ll love wiggling your toes on the lush, freshly-washed results.

4. Clean Kitchen Appliances

They work so very hard for us—and now that you’ve got extra time to spare, give ‘em the spa treatment (the overall health of your kitchen will thank you). Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces, especially those used for cooking; pull out drawers and shelves for a light scrub; deodorize the fridge with baking soda and switch on your oven’s self-cleaning function.

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