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By: Jennifer Gervens
Posted on: Nov 27, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide for the Clean Freak in Your Life

This blog post was written and provided by Sweet T Makes Three.

What’s Santa bringing the clean freak in your life this year? We all have that friend or family member whose whole life seems spotless from their home to their wardrobe.

If you have a clean freak (who is proud of it) on your Christmas list, check out these fun gift ideas they’ll love. If you ARE that person, then treat yourself!

1. Dishwasher Sign

We all love a clean kitchen and that usually starts with taking care of those dirty dishes. You're favorite clean freak probably loads as he dirties, so help him keep track with this fun sign for the dishwasher.

2. Simply Clean

Even those of us who don't mind cleaning still wish we could do it faster and simpler. Simply Clean can show you how!

3. Planner Stickers

Odds are a clean freak is also pretty organized and will love these planner stickers that help her remember tasks that may not be on her radar.

4. Car Trunk Organizer

There's something maddening about things rolling around in the back of your trunk or getting ready to stow groceries back there only to have to rearrange some things first. This car trunk organizer solves both problems.

5. Cordless Vacuum

I've had a cordless vacuum for two years and can't say enough good things about it. It makes it so easy to clean your carpets and hardwood (on multiples levels of your home) plus your furniture and car. You'll wonder how you lived without it. My sister-in-law has one and uses it every day in her farmhouse with five teenagers coming and going. It's worth its weight in gold.

6. Lavender Dryer Sachets

Dryer laundry can smell fresh and clean even without using scented detergents or dryer sheets that aren't good for sensitive skin. Check these out!

7. Toilet Fizzies

Never mind bath bombs. What the clean freak on your Christmas list needs is toilet bombs! These all-natural fizzies reduce the need for scrubbing the bowl, plus they smell great.

Which of these gifts will the clean freak in your life like the best?