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By: Maria Diefenbach
Posted on: Apr 4, 2019

Prone to smelly feet? Look for these features in socks and footwear to prevent stink

Living in fear of removing your shoes in public or in social situations? Sometimes having smelly feet is unavoidable, but not uncommon. Most people believe sweat is the root cause of odor on your feet, but really, sweat itself is odorless. Here's how it works: odor thrives when sweat mixes with bacteria on the skin; so the sweat and heat generated by your feet provide an ideal environment for bacterial odor growth.

Rest assured. You’re not alone in the fight against odor—here are a few tips and tricks to combat the stink. Plus, certain features to look out for in socks and footwear:

  1. Give your feet (and shoes) some R&R—Take some time to wash your feet daily with anti-microbial soap and make sure you dry thoroughly. If that’s not enough, steep some black tea or sage in boiling water, cool to warm temperature and soak your feet for 30 minutes. Exfoliate your feet after to remove dead skin with a pumice stone or foot brush.
  2. Don’t forget your shoes—Set a reminder and get your shoes out of your gym bag ASAP to prevent a happy home to smelly microbes. Store your shoes in a cool, dry room that has lots of airflow to keep the growth at bay.
  3. Have an extra pair of socks on hand—Change your socks once they become sweaty. If it’s too late and the sweat gets to your shoes causing them to get wet, wad up newspaper and stuff it into your shoes as newspaper absorbs moisture and prevents odor. Or, place a dryer sheet in your shoes to defuse odors.
  4. Bring in back up—Rub athlete’s foot or baby powder on clean, dry feet, especially before a workout. Antiperspirant and foot deodorant will also do the trick.
  5. Look for these key words when buying socks— The main causes of odor in textiles are organic carboxylic acids, which can cause persistent or permanent odor. Avoid synthetics, polyester, nylons and elastance blend fabrics and look for words like, “anti-odor,” “moisture wicking” and “breathable.”

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