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By: John Adams, author of, LinkedIn Changemaker and dad of two young daughters.
Posted on: Apr 29, 2021

Tips for Reducing Exam and Assessment Stress

John Adams, author of Dad Blog UK, explores ways to reduce exam and assessment stress during GCSE and A-Level season.

May marks the start of GCSE and A-Level exam season in the UK, but this year it’s going to look a bit different for students due to disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Instead of simply sitting exams, students will be assessed and graded by teachers, with each school taking a slightly different approach. This has led to uncertainty, stress and anxiety for many students - and even parents.

In his latest video, John Adams, author of Dad Blog UK, dad-of-two and contributor to Microban’s The Cleaner Home, outlines some ways to reduce exam and assessment stress. John references advice from leading experts including youth mental health expert, Natasha Devon MBE and parenting expert and author of The Work Parent Switch, Anita Cleare.

John Adams: Tips for Reducing Exam and Assessment Stress

Among other things, youngsters are advised to keep up with their interests, get into a good routine and not worry too much about having a tidy bedroom during this stressful period. Watch the video above for the full set of tips.

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For further help regarding exam stress, you may want to buy Natasha Devon’s book Yes You Can, Ace Your Exams Without Losing Your Mind.

You will find more helpful tips and advice on Anita Cleare’s website.

Wishing everyone going through the assessment process this year the best of luck. Thinking also of the mums, dads and carers who are supporting youngsters at this time.