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Posted on: Mar 23, 2017

The Ultimate Wine + Chore Pairing Guide

Ultimate Wine And Chore Pairing Guide2

We know sometimes, chore day isn’t our favorite day. It’s a job that only pays in a clean house for a few days until you have to do it all over again. So we decided to counteract a thing that no one likes with something everyone loves, wine.

The below guide pairs chores with the perfect wine to make the road to a cleaner home just a little more enjoyable. Clean on, sip on.

Ultimate Wine And Chore Pairing Guide3

Vacuuming + Pinot Grigio

Nothing instantly makes a room look better than a quick run of the vacuum. Afterall, it’s a job that encourages blasting loud music with a drink in hand. Since a clean home’s worst nightmare is red wine stains on a fresh white carpet, we’re playing it safe with a glass of pinot grigio. We also recommend drinking this one from a cup with a lid since we can’t be held responsible for the dance moves that accompany the music.

Ultimate Wine And Chore Pairing Guide4

Doing Dishes + Zinfandel

Doing the dishes or emptying the dishwasher aren’t terribly tough or time consuming, but they can be just a bit annoying. Depending on how much you enjoy meals at home, you might find yourself doing dishes multiple times a day, which is why we suggest pouring a glass of zinfandel as you fill up the sink. Zinfandel has a higher alcohol concentration than most wines, so the amount you should drink is much smaller, or as we see it, perfectly paired with short chores.

Ultimate Wine And Chore Pairing Guide5

Cleaning the bathroom + Prosecco

There aren’t many chores that leave you feeling glamorous, but scrubbing the bathroom might take the cake. Finding the perfect wine to accompany cleaning the bathroom is a delicate thing, that’s why we’re pairing scrubbing the toilet and shower tile with sipping a glass of prosecco. It’s fanciness should counteract the grout scrubbing, and it’s pleasant fragrance and bubbly taste should get you through the hour it will take to get the bathroom back to working order.

Ultimate Wine And Chore Pairing Guide6

Laundry + Chardonnay

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who don’t mind doing laundry and normal people. Half the battle of doing laundry is waiting for a load to finish so you can throw in the next round, which gives you plenty of opportunity for quality time with your couch and a glass of wine in hand. We’re pairing laundry with chardonnay because the fruity aromas pair well with that fresh laundry smell and the velvety feel.

Ultimate Wine And Chore Pairing Guide7

Dusting + Cabernet Sauvignon

Dusting is all about getting into the unseen places and in between crevices. It’s a chore that’s easy to neglect but any seasoned cleaner knows it has to be done regularly. That’s why we’re pairing this chore with a mature wine. One of the more popular red wines with a refined and acquired taste, cabernet sauvignon is perfect for the veteran of cleaning.

Ultimate Wine And Chore Pairing Guide8

Cleaning appliances + Rosé

Cleaning out the fridge or deep cleaning your microwave sometimes leads to disbelief of the dirt and grime that you’ve been living in. While you’re scrubbing away at what looks like fossilized meatloaf, sometimes you have to stop and smell the rosés. That’s why we’re pairing appliance cleaning with rosé. The citrus and rose taste are a clean taste needed during this dirty job.

For more tips on cleaning or to share your own chore and wine pairings visit us on Facebook. Cheers to a cleaner home!