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Antibacterial Stationery Products

ACME United Europe GmbH is part of the ACME United Corporation, the leading worldwide supplier of branded cutting, measuring, and safety products. With its exceptionally broad product portfolio, the company serves both private and commercial B2B sectors. ACME's core competence in all aspects of cutting tools and blades has expanded into a comprehensive specialised assortment of products, making the company a reliable problem solver for every need.

ACME's own research and development department is always crafting new designs and patented product features that will enhance user experiences. That's why it works closely with Microban International to deliver a range of antibacterial stationery products.

Supplied through the Westcott brand, ACME offers a range of colorful, easy to handle, and practical school stationery enhanced with built-in Microban® antibacterial technology. Microban® is incorporated into the products at the stage of manufacture and provides lifelong product protection against unwanted bacterial growth. Treated stationary products currently include scissors, rulers and compasses.

For more information on ACME and its range of antibacterial stationery products, visit the official ACME partner page.

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