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Swim On With Added Peace of Mind

Depending on who you ask, pool days are a holiday essential. The excitement of diving straight into a swimming pool often overrides the guide to shower and apply sun cream first, especially after a long day. However, what if you knew what you were really diving into?

Besides dodging the odd loose hair or floating plaster, between all the swimming lessons and chlorine checks, there could be much more than meets the eye lurking beneath the water, including degrading bacteria and fungal growth.

Fortunately, Biodesign pools protected by Microban® allow you to let loose and relax knowing that their range of products are purposely designed to actively reduce degrading bacterial growth on the wall surfaces, helping the pool to stay cleaner, fresher, and more durable for longer.

Biodesign is a specialist in domestic and commercial swimming pools. Part of API Italia, the company has been in the business of swimming pools, artificial lakes, and large-scale fountain structures for over 40 years. Biodesign's range of products are great for those looking to add a durable, stylish and eco-friendly pool solution to their outdoor living space.

For more information about Biodesign Pool antibacterial resin paving systems, contact a member of the Microban® team today.

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