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El Khayyat Ceramics

El Khayyat Ceramics

EK Ceramics, part of El-Khayyat Group, has partnered with Microban International to redefine the Middle East ceramics industry.

From stunning patterns to striking colourways, EK Ceramics offer a limitless range of ceramic tiles for walls and floors, allowing for each project to have its own unique style.

Enhanced with built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection, not only are the tiles stain and odour resistant, but they also stay hygienically cleaner for longer - making them the perfect addition to any home environment.

Microban antimicrobial technology works behind the scenes 24/7 protecting the tiles from the growth of harmful and degrading bacteria for the tile's expected lifetime. So your transformed space will maintain the look you love for many years to come, with less maintenance, greater peace of mind, and more time to spend enjoying your home.

For more information on EK Ceramics, visit El-Khayyat's official partner page

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