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Everbrite, Inc. has helped hundreds of thousands of customers restore and protect metal surfaces for over 30 years. Everbrite, Inc. manufactures and distributes specialty protective coatings, including: Everbrite™, ProtectaClear®, EquipCoat® and now CrobialCoat™ with Microban® along with cleaners, polishes and accessories needed for the best restoration results possible.

CrobialCoat™ is a durable, clear protective coating that provides for multiple surface substrates from the harmful effects of rust, salt damage, tarnish, corrosion and oxidation. CrobialCoat features built in Microban® antimicrobial technology for an added level of protection against the growth of microbes when applied to surfaces. Ideal for high touch surfaces where cleanliness matters, CrobialCoat provides long lasting durability and scratch resistance upon application.

CrobialCoat combines the tough protection of Everbrite ProtectaClear® with the antimicrobial product protection of Microban antimicrobial technology, keeping coated surfaces 99% cleaner by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and microbes. Specifically designed for protection of metals (even highly polished metals), ceramics, hard plastic and hardwoods, CrobialCoat is ideal for use in high touch environments where such as schools, hospitals, kitchens and restrooms protecting home and commercial environments.

To learn more about CrobialCoat by Everbrite, visit the official partner page.

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