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Mannington Mills

Mannington Mills

Mannington Mills is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fine flooring solutions. Based in Salem, New Jersey (USA), Mannington Mills produces both commercial and residential laminate, hardwood, luxury vinyl and sheet vinyl floors, as well as commercial carpet and rubber. First established in 1915 by John Boston Campbell, the company is still privately held and owned by the Campbell family.

In 2020, Mannington Mills acquired Phenix Flooring, a carpet manufacturer and an existing partner of Microban. Responding to key consumer concerns surrounding cleanliness within their homes, Mannington expanded their partnership. In 2021, Mannington Mills launched an exclusive partnership with Microban that features antimicrobial surface protection technology across its ADURA® LVT products.

The incorporation of Microban® antimicrobial protection keeps surfaces 99% cleaner than untreated surfaces 24/7, increasing product durability and life span. All ADURA® Flex and about half of ADURA® Max constructions are made in the USA at Mannington’s LVT manufacturing facility in Madison, Georgia.

Microban Protected Products