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Antimicrobial Travel Essentials Collection

Research has shown that luggage can encounter up to 80 million bacteria before it's even set down in a hotel room. This is largely due to the number of people and places it comes into contact with throughout each journey - an average of two cab drivers, a member of the airline crew, and two baggage handlers, to name but a few. With the hands of each person potentially carrying up to 10 million bacteria at any one time, it's not surprising that luggage can quickly become a microbial hotspot.

Samsonite® Asia has partnered with Microban International to launch the Antimicrobial Travel Essentials Collection. This exclusive travel range features lasting product protection against the growth of bacteria and mould, helping to address traveller concerns about the invisible enemies harbouring on their belongings.

Treated items currently include zippered mask pouch (interior liner only) and packing cube set. Over the coming months, travellers can expect to see the Antimicrobial Travel Essentials Collection expand to include luggage, luggage covers, backpack covers, neck pillow covers, and luggage handle wrap sets. Samsonite® also plans to launch the range across multiple brands under the Samsonite Group.

For more information on the Samsonite® x Microban® partnership, visit the official Samsonite® partner page.

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